DRS (Doctors Rostering System) is a piece of PC software designed to help with the complex task of ensuring that junior doctors' working practices are in line with the New Deal and the European Working Time Directive (EWTD). Main features are:

Assists with the design of rules compliant work patterns
Allows the analysis of monitoring data
Produces detail and summary reports 

DRS was originally produced by the London and South East RATs, and is now part of Skills for Health (SfH). The software is free to users inside the NHS where trusts are covered under SHA Stakeholder agreements.

DRS can also be used as a tool to complete Annual Ministerial Returns and can provide Users with a wide range of readily accepted methods of data presentation, including activity audits for Hospital At Night implementations. 

DRS Version 3
DRS Version 3 moves the application from the desktop to the web. Users can access their data over a browser on any internet-enabled computer, doctors have access to their own monitoring data, managers can share information and tasks easily, data is more secure.

DRS Help & Support
Please see the tables below for guidance on where to direct your query.

Doctor Users (for completing diary cards)
Query: Contact:
Doctor log-in / password issues, and general advice on completing diary cards Please speak to your trust contact responsible for monitoring exercise in question (typically medical staffing / HR).
For technical issues (error messages, unexpected system behaviour etc) SfH Tools Helpdesk

Trust & SHA users (for creating and monitoring rota templates)
Query: Contact:
To request a new trust-level or SHA-level account If your trust currently already uses DRS further requests for additional accounts should be sent from an existing trust user to the SfH Tools Helpdesk, with the name, email address and contact number for the new user.

If your trust does not currently use DRS please email your request directly to the SfH Tools Helpdesk.
Rules interpretations & issues Please initially consult the DRS Rules book. If this does not fully answer your query then please contact the SfH Tools Helpdesk.
Forgotten password / log-in issues, and other technical/general issues SfH Tools Helpdesk

Skills for Health Tools Helpdesk

Tel: 0844 770 3770